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Wykwitex (Poland)

bio: Wykwitex is an art group from Wrocław. The group uses a visual language and work ethic taken from the world of business. Its aim is to create a field of cooperation between those apparently conflicting worlds. This kind of clash fosters innovation and results in a long term increase in value. Wykwitex is in a leading position in all segments of the market where it is active. The group is continuously developing and winning widespread appreciation. Our list of novelties grows ever longer, and so we are perceived as leaders in innovation. We have the most qualified staff, who advise our clients in a substantive and professional manner. The members of the board of Wykwitex are: Karolina Balcer, Janusz Czyżewicz, Jagoda Dobecka, Miłosz Flis, Martyna Muth, Iwona Ogrodzka, Anita Welter.

action: Untitled

Our activities are inspired by and based on the outstandingly rich output of the artist Jozef Robakowski, whose works we reference and critique. The Wykwitex workshop specializes in the newest technologies in the art world. By employing these, including VR, the group aims to familiarize the audience with its productions to date, and to collaborate directly with the artist. The result of the collaboration becomes a new production which will have its premiere at the festival.

www.wykwitex.pl | www.wykwitex-tower.pl/