Mieczysław Litwiński

Mieczysław Litwiński - Konteksty Festiwal Sztuki Efemerycznej 2015 / Sokołowsko / fot. Jerzy Grzegorski / Marcin Polak
Mieczysław Litwiński – Konteksty Festiwal Sztuki Efemerycznej 2015 / Sokołowsko / fot. Jerzy Grzegorski / Marcin Polak

Mieczyslaw Eligiusz Litwiński- composer, singer and multi-instrumentalist. Studied composition at the F. Chopin Music Academy in Warsaw. Took courses in composition with Karlheinz Stockhausen in Kurten. He lived and worked in Poland, Lithuania and the United States. Personal contacts with the New York avant-garde: John Cage, La Monte Young, David Behrman, Pauline Oliveros. He has performed in many European countries, the United States, Canada, Russia and Iran. He writes songs, chamber music, ballet music, theater music and film music. He sang solo and in choirs, including Novi Singers, Harmonic Choir. Playing multiple types of music on various instruments – classical, folk and oriental (inc. Persian and Chinese). Awards include: “Bessie Award”, 1989 (New York Dance and Performance Award), “Composer of the Year” (American Public Radio 1986). He performed in: Carnegie Hall (New York), the Forum of Trajan (Rome), the Museum of Contemporary Art (Isfahan), Ciurlionis Museum (Kaunas), National Museum CSW (Warsaw). He has taught at: New York University, The New School, New York Open Center, Uniwesytet Księcia Witolda in Kowno, and Warsaw University. He conducts vocal and instrumental workshops. Works with: “Sol et Luna”, Węgajty, Kawalerowie Błotni. For years he has been playing improvised and intuitive music, and is the co-founder of groups Cytula Tyfun da Bamba Orkiester (Bieżan, Knittel, Litwiński, Sudnik), Niezależne Studio Muzyki Elektroakustycznej (Bieżan, Szymański, Knittel, Krupowicz, Mitan, Sudnik, Dziubak). He collaborated with the Coen brothers (film), Ohad Naharin, Royston Maldoom, Tamar Rogoff, Amy Sue Rosen, Pat Cremins, Alma Yoray, Muna Tseng (dance), Pauline Oliveros, Hamid Drake, Paolo Pandolfo, Krzysztof Knittel, Peter Gordon, David Hykes (music), Andrzej Urbanowicz, Henryk Waniek, Jerzy Kosałka and recently with Zygmunt Piotrowski, Koji Kamoji (visual arts, installations, performance), Wojciech Krukowski (Akademia Ruchu), Wacław Sobaszek (Węgajty), Zygmunt Duczyński (Kana) – theatre. Performance: “Święto”, “Bios”, multimedia spectacles “Officina Ferraria”, “SOMNIVM”, mystical spectacle-journey “Missa Pagana” carried out over a dozen times in a multitude of Polish locations and near Prague (Czech Republic) in different seasons of the year.