Jan Świdziński


Jan Świdziński (b. 1923 in Bydgoszcz) performance, intermedia artist, art critic and philosoph.
Since 1974 has made performance art. In 1976 published a manifesto “Art as Contextual Art” (Selem Galerie S. Petri, Lund, Sweden). He is an author the books publisched aboard:”Art as Contextual Art” (Lund, Szwecja 1976),  “Art, Society and Self-consciousness” (Calgary, Kanada 1979),  “Freedom and Limitation – The Anatomy of Post-modernism” (Calgary, Kanada 1987),  “Quotations on Contextual Art” (Eindhoven, Holandia 1988), “L’Art et son Contexte”  (Québec, Kanada 2005). Since 1999 he has been a curator and president of the International Festival of the Art of Action Interactions in Piotrków Trybunalski.