Brian Paterson


Brian Patterson is currently working as administrator and co-ordinator of projects for Bbeyond. He was the co-inspiration behind setting up Bbeyond in 2001, to promote performance art in Northern Ireland. From 1998 he has worked with Flaxart Studios mainly with the organisation of their International Residency Programme, since a fire destroyed the place in 2003 he devoted most of his time and energy to the overall re-organisation and relocation of the studios into a city centre location. Prior to this he worked on the management committee for Catalyst Arts from 1996-1998, an artist run organisation set up to promote an outlet for more innovative and experimental working practices. He graduated 1992, since then has taken part in numerous group exhibitions where his main interest was installation work. In 2001 he was involved in the Routes project, set up to promote the work of the unions in keeping sectarianism out of the work place in Northern Ireland. In May 2005 he made his first performance in Piotrkow Trybunalski, Poland.