Concerts 2019

25.07.2019 (Thursday)



21.30 – 22.20 – The Black Hall


Barbara Konopka, Weronika Kami – PENTAROSA FELICYTACJE, concert – affirmative performance



26.07.2019 (Friday)


13.30-14:00 – In front of Sanatorium
Karolina Kliszewska / trio La La Women Steps


20.35 – 21.15 – Cinema





27.07.2019 (Saturday)



From 10.30 – Park


11.00 – 12.15 – The Black Hall


Ensemble C2-D2-K – Breakfasts on the Grass 


(own picnic baskets with favorite delicacies are very welcome)


Maciej Czepielowski, Jadwiga Czepielowska – violin


Aneta Dumanowska, Jacek Dumanowski  – viola


Teresa Kamińska – cello


Dymitr Szostakowicz – String quartet in B major


Allegro non troppo • Andante / Andantino • Moderato-Allegretto


Johannes Brahms: String quintet in G major


Allegro non troppo, ma con brio • Adagio • Un poco Allegretto • Vivace ma non troppo presto



This concert is a part of the cycle Breakfasts on the Grass organized by in cooperation with the Cultural Centre in Zarow, Bach Festival in Swidnica and Capella Cracoviensis. You will find the other Breakfasts on and the Bach Festival on




22.35 – 23.20 – Cinema




28.07.2019 (Sunday)



19.30 – 20.30 – Cinema





Zdzisław Piernik & Sławek Janicki


Zdzisław Piernik and Sławek Janicki met for the first time on stage in 1999, in the club “Mózg”, performing together the work of B. Schaeffer. “Design”.
This concert began many years of collaboration, during which the duo performed at several festivals in Europe, slowly departing from the works of other composers towards pure improvisation.

In recent years, they have been meeting on the scene occasionally.