bio: zwientopf is an artist duo, founded 2006 by Eva Pichler (*1981) and Gerhard Pichler (*1980) living and working in Feldbach/Austria. zweintopf present their work in traditional exhibition settings as well as in public spaces: alongside site-specific installations, objects and videos, their work involves the development of ideas realised as art in public space or in the form of unannounced interventions. They are particularly interested in everyday phenomena and trivial material derived from mass production: they are always in search of that characteristic element of absurdity which – in the end – is inherent in every human endeavour. They also curate exhibitions and organize projects in and about public spaces. Currently they run the visual art programme at FORUM STADTPARK in Graz

activity: Bez tytułu (Untitled)

In Sokolowski, zweintopf will play with the expectations of the public and with pop-up tents. Their simple, lightweight construction and low price means that no one is surprised that these temporary shelters appear at festivals like mushrooms after the rain. Often used once and then thrown away, they also represent the influx of low quality goods ‘made in China’ and the result of global mass production. What will happen here? Or has it already happened? And more importantly, did I miss something?

zweintopf  is aware too of the sculptural value of these frail constructions with no outer layer. Their white contours appear unexpectedly in the landscape, just like

thin spatial drawings, delicate architectural constructions which frame the surrounding views, marking out a poetry of imperfection and then disappearing as quickly as they appeared.