Yola Kudela

Yola Kudela

Yola Kudela

Born in Poland and now travels between Paris, London and Warsaw for various projects. Graduated from the Lodz Film School PWSFTViT (Master of Fine Arts degree in Animation and Visual Effects) and completed training at the department of animated film at CFT Gobelins in Paris. Currently works as director, animation director and visual supervisor.

Streets are her gallery and local communities are her audience. Her visuals are based on icons of classical paintings – she recreates them with contemporary models. Working in public spaces forces her to be socially engaged. She feels that today artists shouldn’t produce decorative, meaningless visuals that serve only as publicity stunts. She works in the streets and her art reflects what’s going on in those streets and in the society. She tries to do it with a dose of humour, even when she speaks about serious issues, like racism, ageism, or homophobia. She creates huge collages with photographed models, which are then printed on blue-back paper and pasted up on walls. She chooses derelict, abandoned buildings for her paste ups. They have their own soul and become integral parts of her visuals. In turn her visuals become an organic component of the urban scenery. She re-appropriates unwanted spaces and tries to turn them into “art galleries”. She has travelled the world with her art and has done paste-ups in Melbourne, Buenos Aires, San Francisco, Paris, Warsaw, Brighton, Liege, Doel and London.

Installation: The Blind Leading the Blind

The Blind leading the Blind is her new project. The project speaks about our behavior, and social and political awareness as members of today’s society.


July 21st – Friday
15:40 Installation: The Blind Leading the Blind

Zdrowie Cinema – cinema facade