WRO Art Center


WRO Art Center (set up in 2008 in Wroclaw) contemporary art center, new media and technological experiment center.

WRO Art Center is a continuation of project the WRO Centrum Foundation Media Art, which since 1989 has organized the International Biennale Media Art WRO. Wroclaw municipal corporation patronages of WRO Art Center actions. Centre promotes visual art, multimedia art, performance and new media art.

WRO Pioneering Values on Tour in Sokolovsko

Special video-art programme has been presented at the Contexts 2013 Festival in Sokolovsko. The programme has been prepared as a  part of WRO Pioneering Values on Tour project, curated by Piotr Krajewski. It is a selection from the vast WRO archives as well as the works shown at the WRO Media Art Biennale. The programme will be presented by Bartosz Korzeniowski.


Julia Kurek – Barbie’s American Dream, 2012 PL, 2:53

Marcelo Zammenhoff + Maria Apoleika – Ukraiński Nawigator / Ukrainian Navigator, 2012, PL, 17:30

Provmyza – Galina Myznikova + Sergey Provorov – Eternity, 2012, RU, 36:15 (wybór: 10 min.)

Jerzy Dobrzański – Polish and cleaners, PL, 2012,  2:53

Justyna Misiuk – RGB LookBook, 2013, PL, 5:00

Łukasz Prus-Niewiadomski – Taniec Bezwarunkowy / Dance of Reflexes, 2012, PL, 2:18

Mihai Grecu + Thibault Gleize – Glucose, 2012, RO/FR, 7:18