Wojciech Bąkowski


Wojciech Bąkowski (b. 1979, Poznań)
Graduate: Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań on 2005.
Artist, poet, musician. Author of: animated movies, videos, audioperformances, alternative music, drawings and graphics. Member of music bands: KOT, Czykita, NIWEA.
Since May 2007 along with Radosław Szlaga, Tomasz Mróz, Konrad Smoleński, Piotr Bosacki, Magdalena Starska and Iza Tarasewicz is a member of artistic group PENERSTWO.
Winner of Deutsche Bank Prize “Views 2009″ and Paszporty Polityki in 2010.

In this concert Wojciech Bąkowski has present his new music pieces, that were developed from the ideas given in his “Kształt” [‘Shape’] album (published by Bocian Records, 2012).
This time minimalism of the literary level is pushed even further, while the music stays illustrative and develops into more desciptive, eclectic forms. There were pieces of standardized music appearing in this programme, as well as free internet instruments’ presentations and telephone signals. The concert was comprised of vocal technique, edited live recordings and typographic visualizations of the english translation of the text.
The concert also served a promo of the “Telegaz” album.