Weronika Amelia Kami

If one were only to ask Weronika Amelia Kami, she would answer that she likes silence the most. A lot of silence and meditation. And a little bit of sophisticated equipment. Not always electronic. And also a tube. She already has a mouthpiece.

Architect, graphic designer, programmer / programmer … Many such names and in the end, even the nickname AWaKa. Only the performer can truly break free because of this and this is an end in itself (someone please explain this!).

It transmits and produces video. Directs the sound. The composer is devoted to conceptual designs. In spite of its own characteristics, it would like to synchronize energy and time to perform in specific live places as often as possible. In the duo of Pentaros – with Barbara Konopka.

The fascination of recent times – hyperbolic spaces that best suit the nature of sound. Processed voices, precious percussion, violin and electronic instruments. Synthetic and electronic sounds, prepared single frequencies (gnaural), sampled and amplified acoustic colors. Manually and algorithmically created.And only one nagging important question: will you sign me up to the People?

Peter Creme