Vlasta Delimar

Vlasta Delimar: Pregnancy, 1987. Photo-collage 220×180 cm. Photograph by Milan Božić.
Two men and a woman, Zagreb, 2009. Performance documentation (Vlasta Delimar with Antonio Gotovac Lauer, Milan Božić). Photographer: Ivan Posavec.
The right to an orgasm at over 60, 2018, Berlin. Performance documentation. Photographer: Andrej Mirčev.



Vlasta Delimar (b. 1956, Croatia) is a visual and performance artist. She refuses to affiliate herself with any ideology, political or religious, but instead believes in human rights, the freedom of individual expression, and respects ecologies.  Delimar started her artistic career in the late 1970s and since then made over 60 performances and exhibited her works in internationally in Italy, Spain, Croatia, Ireland, Hungary, Poland, Scotland, Slovenia, Japan, Austria amongst others. In 2014 The Contemporary Museum (MUS), Zagreb, presented ‘Vlasta Delimar: This Is I’, a retrospective covering the 35 years career of the artist.