VALIE EXPORT, Konteksty 2017, Sokołowsko


One of the most important pioneers on conceptual media art, performance and film.

VALIE EXPORT’s artistic work comprises: video environments, digital photography, installation, body performances, feature films, experimental films, documentaries, Expanded Cinema, conceptual photography, body-material interactions, Persona Performances, laser installations, objects, sculptures, texts on contemporary art history and feminism.

In the 60’s and 70’s the artist was involved in the movement of the Vienna Actionists. In that period her works were radical, aggressive or plainly shocking in their form. In 1967 Waltraud Höllinger (née Lehner) abandoned the male-dominated art circles and her surname to adopt a pseudonym using a cigarette brand popular in Austria – Smart Export. In a protest against the patriarchal hierarchy, she transformed her own identity into a brand – VALIE EXPORT – choosing the issue of the presence of female body in a public space as a main subject of her interests.

VALIE EXPORT took part in Documenta 6 (2007), and Documenta 12 (2007) in Kassel.In 1985 her feature film Die Praxis der Liebe (screenplay and direction) was nominated for the Golden Bear at the Berlin International Film Festival. Since 1975 she has organized and participated in curatorial projects, international symposiums, exhibitions and film programmes.

Andrzej Mroczek organized the first presentation of VALIE EXPORT’s works in Poland at the Labirynt Gallery in 1977.

Film screening: Performance Films 1 

TAPP und TASTKINO, Body Tape, Hyperbulie, Mann & Frau & Animal, Sehtext: Fingergedicht, Hauchtext: Liebesgedicht, Adjungierte Dislokationen, Ein perfektes Paar oder die Unzucht wechselt ihre Haut, Vaginan, Syntagma

Film screening: Performance Films 2 

Selbstportrait mit Kopf, Asemie – die Unfähigkeit, sich durch Mienenspiel ausdrücken zu können, Delta. Ein Stück, Die süße Nummer. Ein Konsumerlebnis, Raumsehen und Raumhören, Body Politics, …Remote…Remote…, i turn over the picture of my voice in my head

July 21st – Friday

20:00 Film screening introduced by the artist: Performance Films 1
Zdrowie Cinema – theater hall

July 22nd – Saturday
18:45 Film screening followed by Q&A session: Performance Films 2
Zdrowie Cinema – theater hall