Teatr Cinema

Teatr Cinema (Poland)

Teatr Cinema was founded in 1992. Since the very beginning, it has created authorialproductions which are a deliberate response to the products of mass culture.  This interdisciplinary group operates on the borders of theatre, dance and visual art. Cinema has a clear, easily identified style. Its dominant feature is the polyphonic structure of the production. Neither a dramatic nor a musical nor a dance theatre, it combines all these categories, whilst at the same time denying the audience their traditional perceptions.

The group’s artistic vision and activities are led by Zbigniew Szumski. He is director, set designer and auteur. The actors use improvisation to create a show. Most of their ideas are in response to drawings by Szumski, which resemble a music score and constitute the first version of a given scenario.

Theatre criticism perceives the artistic activity of Teatr Cinema as the uncovering and elaboration of new visual values in the language of theatre.

Teatr Cinema is based in Michałowice in the Karkonosze Mountains.

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