Stanisław Łubieński

Stanisław Łubieński Fot. Albert Zawada
Stanisław Łubieński / Fot. Albert Zawada

Stanisław Łubieński (Poland)

bio: Born in 1983, Stanisław Łubieński is a specialist in Ukranian and cultural studies and has a passion for nature. His works have been published in “Lampa”, “Nowe Książki” and “Dwutygodnik” amongst others. He is the author of a historical account “Pirat stepowy” (“Pirate of the steppes”) which was translated into Croatian and Ukrainian. He holds a Ministry of Culture and National Heritage scholarship and received the Nike readers’ award for his book “Dwanaście srok za ogon” and a nomination for the Paszport Polityki award in 2016 and the Gdynia Literary Award 2017. He writes a blog entitled Dzika Ochota.

ornithological walk
author’s meeting with Dorota Masłowska