Sławek Janicki



Sławek Janicki is a musician, filmmaker and curator of artistic activity. He is the co-creator and main director of the legendary Mózg club founded in 1994 in Bydgoszcz. Over the period betweeb2014 and 2018 he also directed the club’s branch in Warsaw. His is the creator and director of the International Contemporary Festival of Music and Visual Arts MÓZG Festival that takes place in Bydgoszcz and Warsaw. He also created another special project called SuperSam+1 as well as many other bigger or smaller art events.

He started his artistic activity in mid 80’s. For over 25 years he has been active on the international improvised music scene. He has played many concerts in Europe and Australia. As a musician he is entirely devoted to absolute improvisation as it is the purest form of creating music.