Sergey Shabohin


Sergey Shabohin (1984, Novopolotsk, Belarus. Live and work in Bialystok, Poland) — artist, curator, art-activist, critic and editor. Curator and co-curator of some exhibitions and programs in Y Gallery (2009 – 2013) in Minsk, Belarus. Founder and chief editor of the portal of contemporary Belarusian art — Art Aktivist (2011 – 2014). Since 2015 co-founder and editor in chief of the research platform of contemporary Belarusian art — KALEKTAR.

The main artistic themes are: activism and art in public space; criticism of the system of culture and history of art; the role of the contemporary museum and creation of authoring archives; the opening of ‘invisible’ history; the category of fear and the social body in Belarusian society. For active work, experts call Sergey Shabohin the leader of a generation of young Belarusian artists of the 2010s.

Media: total installations and conceptual objects, public art and site-specific installations, photography and video, author’s archives and long-term art research, art-activist actions and slogans, appropriations and institutional criticism, painting and wall painting