Sebastián Burgos

Sebastian Burgos

Sebastián Burgos (Chile)

bio: Sebastian Burgos has been exhibiting his visual works in Latin America and internationally since the 1980s.

The aim of his artistic research is not to represent an obvious reality, the one that appears before our eyes, but to extract its most profound secret and find its essence. Through a complex system of allegories and metaphors, Burgos seeks out the physical, psychological and sociological landscapes that human beings inhabit, and addresses the relationship between these spaces and the influence they have on the individual and on how they are modified by the individual’s actions. Being human, being the protagonist, emphasizes the meaning of each emotion presented in these scenarios. The main character in his painting “The Beast Man” symbolizes the desires, urges and needs rooted within the psyche.

an exhibition of drawings and photographs documenting cooperation with ALPERoA