Robert Mainka

Robert Mainka
Robert Mainka

Robert Mainka

Painter and photographer. Graduated from Lodz Film School. At present PhD student. Prize winner of regeneration3 competition at Musée de l’Elysée, Lausanne. Exhibited his works at CSW in Warsaw, MWW in Wroclaw, MOCAK in Krakow, Wschodnia Gallery in Lodz, Photofestival in Lodz.

Intervention in public space: Battle of Omfalos

The Battle for Omphalos is a metaphoric story about quest for one’s will. It consists of five chapters. Each of them is a description of a different factor influencing our will.

1. Chapter I – Crowd of people (appearing in front of a man in a human form talking and in a form of ghosts in one’s head as an inner echo)
2. Chapter II – Biology (biology of inner organs which generate our needs)
3. Chapter III – Life continuum (the tunel of consciousness and space and time into which everybody falls when born. It is characterised by an infinite number of mirror reflections of one’s own face in the mandala structure)
4. Chapter IV – Nature (tiny bushes and landscapes which demand nothing from us, while offering space for the growth of our will and sometimes influence us directly, f.ex conditioned by weather when we are forced to run away from rain)
5. Chapter V – Orbit (non-gravitational space outside our planet, star constellations influencing our life through horoscopes and comet catastrophes).

July 22nd – Saturday

14:30 Intervention in public space: Battle of Omfalos
Sokołowsko – public space