Rita Marhaug


Rita Marhaug – (b. in Bergen), she lives and works in Bergen. Educated at the Bergen National Academy of the Arts, MA -89; Art History from the University of Bergen -96. Rita Marhaug is a professor at Bergen National Academy of the Arts, in the Department of Fine Art. Since the early 1990’s Marhaug has participated in a great numbers of solo and group exhibitions and performance festivals both in Norway and internationally.
Rita Marhaug writes of her practice:
My approach to performance – from the very beginning – has been through the basic tools of the body, meaning little use of objects and other requisites. The everyday language of bodily behaviour and bodily normality is my basic source of inspiration to my work and the concrete body’s dimensions are often the theme in my action. I have used my experience from sports, my role as mother and work as artist over more than 20 years to develop individual performances. The form and content are of equal importance and interest. From the audience perspective, I hope my work can open up for new and further reflection on this.