Ralf Peters (KörperSchafftKlang)

Ralf Peters, Sound Performance Following, Konteksty 2017, Sokołowsko, fot. Polak Grzegorski
Ralf Peters, Sound Performance Following, Konteksty 2017, Sokołowsko, fot. Polak Grzegorski

Ralf Peters

Artist working mainly in the fields of extended voice, language, performance art and conceptual art. His artistic research focuses on the topic how the human voice with all ist possibilities can be used in performance art and as material for fine arts. One central aspect in his work ist the difference and the cooperation between meaning and effect of voices and words. He also works in the realms of music and theatre and as reciter of literature. He is a doctor of Philosophy and lectures and writes about voice and art. He is a Roy Hart Voice teacher and accompanies voice liberation processes for beginners, researchers and artists of all kind. He works as a radio announcer. He lives in Köln/Germany.He is co-founder of the voice performance ensemble KörperSchafftKlang and president of the association stimmfeld e.V.

Sound performance: Following

Following is a durational voice performance that will happen in a space inside the building (preferably an empty room –except chairs – that is not used for too much other things during the festival) every day of the festival for a certain period of time, maybe one hour maybe longer.

In the room and in my mind I will collect ideas, questions and impressions that will come up during the festival and its subject of how to continue in this difficult world situation. There will be papers on the wall to write down some of these subjects and questions. During the time of the actual performance I will follow the path of my voice, always starting the next sound exactly where the previous one had ended. Doing a sound with every breath. At the same time I will internally focuse on the issues that came up and were put on the walls. I will try to notice my inner reactions (emotions, memories, thoughts, images etc.) and bring them into contact with my voice.

Through this performance I (once again) will do some artistic research about if and how I can create an atmosphere in this room that offers space for contemplation, for following one´s own inner path and ideas – during listening to my voice and afterwards in the silence of the room.

July 21st – Friday

22:15 Sound performance: Following
Brehmer Sanatorium – Black Hall

July 22nd – Saturday
17:30 Sound performance: “Following”
Brehmer Sanatorium – Black Hall

July 23rd – Sunday
22:00 Sound performance: “Following”
Brehmer Sanatorium – Black Hall

July 24th – Monday
21:30 Sound performance: “Following”
Brehmer Sanatorium – Black Hall