Piotr Lutyński



Piotr Lutynski – was born in 1962 in Tychy, Poland. In 1990 he graduated from the graphics faculty at the Silesian University in Cieszyn (under professor Eugeniusz Delekta).

He is working as a sculptor and painter, he makes objects, installations, performances, concerts of experimental music. Lutyński runs audiovisual shows, in which live animals take part combined with paintings, sculptures, poems and music. Since the end of 90. animals became contributors of  Lutynski’s actions. Lutyński believes that animals help spectators in opening for new objects, because thanks to their presence it is possible to overcome artificiality of gallery event.

Piotr Lutyński leads total actions in public spaces, which are interdisciplinary concerts combined with artistic actions (Project KR736EJ). Piotr Lutyński is connected with Starmach Gallery in Kraków, Foksal Gallery in Warsaw, Muzalewska Gallery in Poznań. He is a member of the association Otwarta Pracownia. Lutyński lives and works in Krakow, Poland.