Pauline Payen

Pauline Payen, Something Sticky is Stuck, solo, 2018


Pauline Payen (born Paris 1984) is a performer, dancer, and visual artist. She lately performed and exhibited e.g. at Palais de Tokyo-Paris, Platforma HR-Zagreb, Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature-Paris, Uferstudios Berlin, Gallery Ida Schmidt-New York.
Coming from visual arts (M.A ISDAToulouse 2009, co-founder and director at OVNi video festival, Nice) she graduated from M.A SODA HZT Berlin in 2018. In the recent years, Pauline developed a particular attention to sound material, researching physically in the studio on psychological sound techniques such as Musak, super-charged-positive-affirmations and binaural beats. She created and performed “A Very Unique Gift” in UFERSTUDIOS, “Something Sticky is Stuck” in ADA Studios, “UNFINISHED BUSINESS” in Patforma HR, and presented a performative lecture of her work for Vulva Club in Vierte Welt. She was a panelist at INVENTUR #2, Düsseldorf.
Since 2017 Pauline works for choreographer Xica Lisboa’s research “Melt” with dancer Marcela Reichelt, developing the attention to facial movement and expressions through the practice of “Body-Image-Awareness”. In fall 2019 she will start to work for choreographer Antje Velsinger for her new production dream in a cloudy place, a duo with an 80 years old dancer.
She is part of the band Psychedelic Choir of Zorka Wollny.