Paulina Miu Zielińska


Paulina Miu Zielińska – singer, composer, activist.

Works with sound – that surrounds us, and that that we can produce. Artist explore the therapeutic properties of natural singing and archaic chants, composes music for theater, performing activities and various forms of visual and audio performances. Paulina is working with the field of sound art using her own sound samples. She also supports multiple community and artistic projects. Paulina transfers her knowledge in the field of voice production, improvisation, movement and healthy singing archaic technique of „Biały śpiew”. She experiments a lot with sound and space. Watching, looking, scrutinize and ask.

Currently, she is an actress and composer in the theater Węgajty, studying music therapy at the Akademia Muzyczna in Lodz and under the pseudonym ‘Mjol’ practicing experimental electronics.

She participates in Association promoting social and artistically activities „Nie Po drodze”, Paulina is also coordinating project called „Wyprawa Terenowa Ścieżkami Tradycji Pogranicza”. For last 5 years she runs the movement and voice workshops in places such as Węgajty theater, Women’s Personal Development Centre „Babiląd” in Poznan, during the festival „Progressteron”, at the Youth Cultural House in Suwalki, at the Theatre Academy in Bialystok, the Archaeological Museum in Biskupin, during the „Visitors” project in Germany, Paulina also works individually with people that are interested in voice development and exploring new ways of vocal expression.