Olha Chyhryk

Olha Chyhryk

Olha Chyhryk 

Graduated from Lviv Ivan Trush College of Fine and Applied Arts, Faculty of of Painting (2009) and Lviv National Academy of Arts, Faculty of of Painting.

0ne man exhibitions:
2014 Birds,5th International Bruno Schulz Festival, Drohobych
2014 Mine, Art Club Café 82100, Drohobych
2016 Visual Exhibition, Svit Kavy café, Lviv
2017 Visual Exhibition Galeria przy pętli, Cisna,Poland

Group exhibitions and projects:
2011 Quotes from Literary Works by Bruno Schulz, Drohobych
2012 A View Afresh 2, Palace of Arts, Drohobych
2012 The Birds, short film ( 2012)
2012 The Word installation/performance, jointly with Marta Kwiatkowska
2013 Looking into the Eyes of the Randomness, project by Slava Frolova, Lviv
2013 Reverberations of the Street of Crocodiles, literary art/video art project
2013 Words Fail, installation, Nahuievychi
2015 Gaude Polonia scholarship
2015 Fountain, video performance

Performance: Trace

Man and environment mutual influence. Each act leaves its trace. What we have now is only a trace of our choice made yesterday.

July 24th – Monday

14:30 Olga Czychryk
Performance: Trace
In front of Zdrowie Cinema