Oleksandr Maksymov & Marianna Maksymova

Oleksandr Maksymov & Marianna Maksymova (Ukraine)

Marianna Maksymova | bio: Marianna Maksymova was born in Drohobych in 1991. She is involved in theatre and performance. She is a press spokesperson of Dro.Art. artistic platform in Drohobych and co-founder of Kotermak on-line radio as well as a journalist and writer. Her education includes Germanic and Russian philology at Ivan Franko Pedagogical University and VII international school of islamic studies (Kiev, 2018). She is an actress of Alter theatre in Drohobych. She participated in the following festivals: Second Autumn in Drohobych (2016,2017), Festival of contemporary art DroArtDay in Drohobych (2016), Festival of contemporary art Dro.Art. (Drohobych, Nahuevychi – 2017,2018), Bruno Schulz international festival in Drohobych (2018).

Oleksandr Maksymov | bio: Performance, theatre, land art, photography
Born in Drohobych, Ukraine, 1982

– Ivan Franko Pedagogical University, Department of Philosophy
– Scholarship programme Gaude Polonia, 2013
– Cross-disciplinary workshop under the direction of Ewa Zarzycka (Academy of Fine Arts, Wrocław), Drohobych, 2014
– School of performance during ‘Week of contemporary art’ in Lviv under the direction of Sandra Johnston/UK[2015], Denys Blacker/UK[2016]
– Intensive curatorial course under the direction of Ianina Prudenko (independent curator and researcher from the media art industry; curator of the Ukrainian Open Archive of Media Art [Kiev/UA]) [Iwano-Frankiwsk/UA][2017];

Actor: Alter Theatre (Drohobych/UA) & MUMERUS Theatre (Krakow/PL);
Founder and curator of the artistic platform DroArt in Drohobych;

Personal projects:
– «Our aim-conceptualism»[2017], Drohobych/UA, Alter Gallery
[2017], Lublin/PL, Łucjan gallery
– „Nest” installation [2018], Drohobych/UA, Willa Bianki (Off-program of Bruno Schulz festival)

Participation in festivals:– International festival of Bruno Schulz [Drohobych] [2012,2014,2016,2018];
– Festival of contemporary art GogolFest [Kiev] [2014];
– Printemps d’Europe [Lion, France] [2015];
– ULICA International Festival of Street Theatres [Krakow, Poland] [2013,2015];
– Days of performance art in Lviv [2015,2016];
– Kontrasty [Lviv] [2015];
– Ukrajins’kyj Zriz: Przeobrażenia III Triennale of Ukrainian Contemporary Art [Wroclaw, Poland] [2016];
– Festival of contemporary art „DroArtDay” [Drohobych] [2016];
– Festival of sacral art “Płaszcz Jura” (Saint Jura’s Church)[Drohobych] [2017];
– Festival of contemporary art „New Wave Exhibition” [Lviv] [2017];
– International Festival of Ephemeral Art “Contexts” [Sokolowsko, Poland] [2017];
– Festival of contemporary art Dro.Art. [Drohobych/Nahuevychi] [2017];
– Festival of contemporary art Dro.Art. [Drohobych/ Nahuevychi] [2018];
– Festival of contemporary art ZABIH [Lviv][2018];

performance: Untitled

Pursuit of dialogue between a man and a woman. Reflections on human emotions. Manic desire to get to know oneself. Memory that looks for proper river bed.