Mykhajlo Barabash


Mykhajlo Barabash (Ukraine)

bio: Born in 1980, Ternopil, Ukraine

1995-1999 College of Art,Kosiv, Ukraine
1999-2005 Lviv Academy of Arts (Department of Monumental Painting)
2011 ‘Gaude Polonia’ scholarship from Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of Poland

Сreative activity
2007 Organizer/participant in artistic group ‘koma’
2008 Member of National Union of Artists of Ukraine
2011 Organizer/participant in art association ‘NURT’
Since 1998, participant in national and international exhibitions, festivals, open air exhibitions, art projects, performances of both long and short duration
Also solo exhibitions

Solo exhibitions (selected):
2014 – “Municipal Law of attraction”, Dziga Gallery, Lviv, Ukraine
2012 – “Horizon”, Gallery Detenpyla, Lviv, Ukraine
2012 – “Human II”, Gallery Bunkermuz, Ternopil, Ukraine
2012 – “Presence”, Gallery “ICONART”, Lviv, Ukraine
2011 – “Roads”, Dzyga Gallery, Lviv, Ukraine
2011 – “TURMA”, as part of the project Wysoka Kultura, Gallery Wiatrak, Krakow, Poland
2011 – “Human II”, Center for Contemporary Art “SOLVAY”, Krakow, Poland
2008 – “Human”, Gallery of  TRONUAU, Ternopil, Ukraine

Group exhibitions, festivals & projects (selected):
2015 – Project “The Premonition’013”, Gallery HudHraf, Kyiv, Ukraine
2014 – Festival of new media and audiovisual art in urban space “CONSTRUCTION”, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine
2014 – “Audition”, the festival “Odessa international film festival”, Gallery “HudPromo” c. Odessa, Ukraine
2014 – Art Project “Sacred Space III”, Dziga Gallery, Lviv, Ukraine
2014 – XVI International Festival of Performance Art “Interakcje”, Piotrków Trybunalski, Poland
2013 – Festival of Audiovisual Art “TETRAMATYKA”, Lviv, Ukraine
2013 – Ukrainian Triennale “Ukrainian slice. Lyman”, Gallery Zachęta, Lublin, Poland
2013 – International Triennial of Graphics, Horst Janssen Museum, Oldenburg, Germany
2013 – Art project «PANOPTICON II», “Night of Museums” Memorial Museum “Prison on Lontskoho”, Lviv, Ukraine
2012 – MADATAC 04 Video Art Festival, Madrid, Spain
2012 – International art festival ‘‘Contemporary Art Week”, Lviv, Ukraine
2012 – Art project “Sacred Space”, Museum of Ideas, Lviv, Ukraine
2012 – International art festival “Night Culture”, Lublin, Poland
2011 – International art festival “The Days of Performance Art in Lviv: the School of Performance & Mediadepo”
(Tne Tyzhden’/Week of Contemporary Art.), Lviv Palace of Arts, Lviv, Ukraine
2011 – International environment project within the bounds of  the art festival “Fort.Missia”, Ukrainian-Polish border
2011 – International art festival „Otwarta Wystawa”, Gallery in the Factory Hall, Lodz, Poland
2011 – Project of contemporary electronic music and visual arts “nversions of Contradictions”, Center for Contemporary Art “SOLVAY”, Krakow, Poland
2010 – Ukrainian art exhibition „Illumination”, Modern Art Research Institute, Kyiv, Ukraine
2010 – Art project “Untitled” by artistic formation “koma”, Dzyga Gallery, Lviv, Ukraine
2010 – “Ukrainian Section. Contemporary Art of Ukraine”, Varshtaty Kultury, Lublin, Poland
2010 – International art festival ‘‘Contemporary Art Week”, Lviv, Ukraine
2009 – International art project “L2”, Lublin, Poland
2009 – International environment project “Terrytoрія N” at “Fort.Missia”art festival, Ukrainian-Polish border
2008 – Art project in an urban environment “Cold”, Lviv, Ukraine
2008 – Art project “ART-DEPOT”, old tramway depot, Lviv, Ukraine
2008 – Festival of youth projects “NON-STOP MEDIA”, Kharkiv, Ukraine
2008 – “Artistic Map of Ukraine. Lviv”, Museum of Contemporary Fine Arts of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine
2008 – Art project “Fifteen Artists of Lviv”, Dzyga Gallery, Lviv, Ukraine

Interests: painting, installation, video art, performance art, land art
Lives and works in Lviv, Ukraine

performance: Way of knowing

Performance touches the issue of silence and sound, obstacles and efforts, quietness and loudness, lightness and difficulty …