Marta Kotwica

Marta Kotwica, Performance Przymus powtarzania traumy, Konteksty 2017, Sokołowsko, fot. Polak Grzegorski (2)

Marta Kotwica

(b. 1988, TARNOBRZEG). Graduated from the University of Arts, Painting Department (drawing) and Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, Intermedia Department (performance art). Kotwica thinks that the notion of talent is overrated. She values personal, individual experience. She is interested in psychology, especially personality distortions and their influence on perceiving the world and oneself. She taught drawing, creativity and problem solving techniques. Her intended experience of sensory deprivation had the most essential influence on her understanding of performance art. It made her interested in empathy, especially in the context of communication. Her minimalistic works oscillate around participatory art where her personal roots start initiating new narratives and contemplative art which investigates relationship between an idea and experienced sensual artefact. These activities, although they can be easily subjected to the discourse of critical analysis are meant to be experienced directly. She has participated in performance art festivals at home and internationally, including Germany, Sweden, Switzerland and Ukraine.

Performance: Reenacting trauma

It refers to Freud’s theory which explains the motive of the artist’s action – implanting a microchip in her left hand. It consists of screening of her film which documents the implantation, registration, writing the history and reading the chip number.

July 24th – Monday

14:00 Performance: Reenacting trauma
Brehmer Sanatorium – cellar