Mariya Hoyin


Mariya Hoyin (Ukraine)

bio: Born in 1982, lives and works in Lviv. Graduate of the National Academy of Fine Arts in Lviv (Department of Ceramics). Since 2005 she has mainly worked in analogue and digital photography, as well as performance. She is interested in photographing urban themes and documenting performance.


– 2017  ‘Gaude Polonia’ scholarship, Wrocław, Poland
– 2017 ‘Exhibition as a source of suffering’ group exhibition by students of Wrocław Fine Arts Academy, Wrocław, Poland
– 2017 ‘Tam gdzie teraz’ group exhibition by ‘Gaude Polonia’ scholarship holders, Labirynt gallery, Lublin, Poland
– 2017 Open air photography exhibition, Wataszka, Poland
– 2016 Solo exhibition following an artist residency in Wrocław at Contemporary Museum Wrocław, curated by Magdalena Skowrońska
– 2016 ‘Group’, group exhibition, Dnipro
– 2016 Exhibition during Sergey Parajanov Festival, Lviv
– 2016 Participation in Bruno Schulz International Festival, Drohobych
– 2016 Participation in ‘Książka’, Uzgorod
– 2015 ‘Terra Cognita’ exhibition, Ratusz, Lviv
– 2015 Participation in a Polish-Ukrainian meeting ‘Pomiędzy’, Wrocław, Poland
– 2015 ‘Niebieski zdjęcia’ exhibition with the Prace Laboratoryjne group (LR-group), Jam Factory, Lviv
– 2015 ‘100 + 1’ exhibition, Gary Bowman Gallery, Lviv
– 2015 Solo exhibition at ‘Urban Exploration Lwiw Fest’, Jam Factory, Lviv
– 2014 Participation in Bruno Schulz International Festival, Drohobych
– 2009 Participation in the first ‘Fortmisja’ festival, Popowyczi
– 2009 Group exhibition, Museum of Ideas gallery, Lviv
– 2007 Academic exhibition, Palace of Art, Lviv
– 2002 Student exhibition, Ternopil

Participation in  ‘Grupa’, ‘Prace Laboratoryjne’ (LR-group) projects:

– Travels around Lviv
– The shocking truth about Lviv
– The end of Galicia (Lviv Zalischyky, Czerniowce)


– 2018 first ‘Zabih’ festival, Lviv
– 2017 ‘Interakcje’ international art festival, Piotrkow Trybunalski
– 2016 Bruno Schulz festival, Drochobych
– 2015 Dobrotwir

Workshop participation:

– 2015 Sandra Johnston’s workshops at the Performing Arts School in Lviv
– 2017 Waldemar Tatarczuk’s workshops at ‘Pracownia Otwarta-Wyklady goscinne’, Wrocław, Polska
– 2017 Tomek Szrama’s at ‘Pracownia Otwarta-Wyklady goscinne’, Wrocław, Polska

Open air exhibitions:

– 2018 Painting exhibition, Nowica

performance: Untitled

Work based on fragments of recollections from memory… here and now… everything is the most important… in a moment what is now will become the past… place, time, body, memories, feelings, emotions.