Marcel Sparmann


Marcel Sparmann (Germany)

bio: Marcel Sparmann works internationally in performance art, theatre, dance, public art, installation and as a guest lecturer and teacher at several universities. His understanding and awareness of communication, exchange and conveying meaning, is based on image and action. He doesn’t trust the verbal language we are used to controlling and manipulating,using instead complex linguistic constructions to transform these elements into artistic expression. He is looking for a direct encounter, open enough to touch upon a given subject on both an emotional and intellectual level. His approach assumes that performance allows him to go beyond ego and to arrive at a wider context, be it political, social or economic.Sparmann creates tense situations for his presentations, compressed and intimate spaces which embody time and non-time and which are shared with his audience. Spaces become shells of collective memory, emotional environments through which to navigate. His livingpictures and actions have a clean and minimal aesthetic, a particular ‘temperature’. They are like natural phenomena, a result of his natural approach to art and to life itself/and the way he lives his life. His most recent works are based on the theme of ‘notes on fragility’  and deal with various ideas around disappearance and reappearance, trace and memory, and their poetic expression.

exhibition: object

The object made by Marcel Sparmann is a wooden box in which you will find cards with the instructions in the spirit of Fluxus. They are poetic instructions of which performance – often happening only in the mental sphere – offers us a possiblity to expand the boundaries of perception and imagination. These instructions can be read aloud and a number of people can perform them at the same time, or you can focus on inner individual exploration.