Magdalena Starska


Magdalena Starska (b.1980)

Magdalena Starska is an artist who seemingly works without a plan; open to changeable reality, she is at all times ready to carry out an unexpected project. Deriving from dreams and hallucinations, the figures that people Starska’s drawing diary bring to mind mythology and themselves build up an elaborate and anarchist one. Starska consiously positions herself as a medium in between what’s internal and individual and what belongs to the social and common realm, and therefore should be seen as a kind of shaman. The rituals she is interested in come are close to everyday reality, and those she wants to create are city-bound, modern and inspirational.

Solo exhibitions:

“Stillness”, Gallery colonies, Warsaw 2012

“The calm”, BWA Katowice 2012

“Top of leveling”, Gallery colonies, Warsaw 2011

“Smallness”, Galeria Stereo, Poznań, Poland 2010

Ekspektatywa_2: “Comunication. Deepening the Feeling of the Space ”, Fundacja Bęc Zmiana, Warsaw, Poland 2009

“Drawings”, Leto Gallery, Warsaw, Poland 2009

2007 “Open circle – carrot”, Galeria Długa, Bolesławiec, Poland 2007

2005 “Attention! Stairs”, Galeria Pies, Poznań, Poland 2005

Selected group exhibitions:

“Transilvania”, BWA Zielona Góra, Poland 2010

“Every Step Is Moving Me Up”, Galeria Stereo, Poznań, Poland 2010

“Women replicants(2) – Greenhouse conditions”, BWA Katowice, Poland 2010

“Elms threads bushes” (with Iza Tarasewicz), Galeria Stereo, Poznań, Poland 2009

“Polish Alphabet part 1”, BWA Tarnów, Poland 2009

“Head of Heads“ (with Wojciech Bąkowski), Arsenal Gallery, Białystok, Poland 2009

“Bodies adream”, Arsenal Municipal Gallery, Poznan, Poland 2008

”Good for home use and outdoor”, public space, Poznań, Poland 2008

”The Stomach”, Old Brewery Gallery, Poznań, Poland 2008

“Plastic People” – C2C Gallery, Prague, Czech 2006