Łukasz Trusewicz


Łukasz Trusewicz b.1984

Graduate of The Faculty of Sculpture and Performing Art at The University of Arts in Poznan. In his performances he draws from the experience of sculptural practice. What is important it’s a construction as a main part, which creates a particular story. Like in sculpting there are also added or subtracted values. He’s often focused on the social issues but referring to them in indirect way, taking it with a grain of salt. By eliminating redundant matter and using simple means and gestures he tries to move on issues such as oblivion, exclusion, aggression and domination. He is also a founder of Raczej Gallery in Poznań focused on presentations and promotion of performance art, which he run together with Agnieszka Szablikowska.

He took part in various presentations and exhibitions, among others:

• 2012 8. International Visual Art Festival inSPIRACJE, Szczecin

• 2012 Projekt Flow/Przepływ, Nowe Sytuacje, Maltafestival, Poznań

• 2012 XIV International Festival of Performance Art Interakcje, Piotrków Trybunalski

• 2012 Festival Inwazja Barbarzyńców, Poznan

• 2012 “Perfidia perfearance”, Galeria XX1, Warszawą

• 2011 European Performance Art Festival EPAF, CSW, Warszawa

• 2011 Performance Platform Festival, Galeria Labirynt, Lublin

• 2010 Days of Performance Art Festival, Lwów

• 2010 Premedytacje, Performance Nic, BWA, Bielsko- Biała,

• 2010 Galeria Rotunda, Performance 2012 (wystawa indywidualna), ASP Poznań

• 2009 Ze sztuką – wobec sztuki / Chopin, Performance Wyjście, Centrum Rzeźby Polskiej, Orońsko

• 2009 Schyłek wszystkiego (wystawa zbiorowa), Galeria Scena, Koszalin