Laura Bartolomei

Laura Bartolomei
Laura Bartolomei


“I was born and raised in Rome. My father was a painter and a cinema cartoonist, my mother a potter. I grew up messing up with colors, clay and dirt , Ithen enrolled in a Fine Art degree.But the body it’s always been my real interest. Since I can remember I have been moved by a deep curiosity about how the body functions, how it feels, how it recovers from injuries, how it adapts to disability, how it decomposes, the relationship of the body with surroundings and the emotional sphere, its limits. That is why when I got in contact with Butoh I felt like I had found a home. That is why puppetry is so interesting for me: puppets in their archetypal function can be eaten up, mutilated, can die and regenerate, and can translate feelings that we have somehow forgotten in modern times. Three main themes recurs and cross each other in my research ground. The body with all that comes with it.

Materials, so enjoyable to mess up with, involving all the senses. Nature in all its forms, texture, colors, geometry. My research at the moment is oriented toward a dialog between inner body – outer body – the world in the natural context.
Humans relate with nature and each other through skin, body organs and their senses, a relationship that translates in emotions and feelings.

My aim is to establish a silent dialog with the “public” where this primordial consciousness is shared along with emotions and memories. I wish to celebrate the greatness of nature.” – Laura Bartolomei

Study on Love – a research project


“The starting point to my research concerns one of the most mysterious of life questions: the nature of love. My study focuses on love in its many expressions, on how love enters and exits the body sphere, and like in a dance, bodies move in a unique and intangible dimension with its own space and time. Questions about what makes people meet and love, causes their emotions, feelings and physical sensations, perception of time, guide my study: I began observing and analyzing myself, like a scientist. Caresses impressed on the skin, the body memory, smells that bring back the beloved, a thought of them sends the impulse to the body to move, arch, melt, how the eye observes the skin: I wanted to explore the entire range of emotions involved in love. I also wished to include “the other”, the audience, in a research process that by its own nature has an interactive nature. In this sense, the exploration involves myself as an object of research as well as the subject of such study.” – Laura Bartolomei


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