Krystian Truth Czaplicki

Krystian Truth Czaplicki fot. Edyta Jezierska
Krystian Truth Czaplicki fot. Edyta Jezierska

Almost Calm / Freshness – Krystian Truth Czaplicki

Almost Calm / Freshness, 2015, powder coated steel, Listerine Cool Mint, marker

Almost Calm / Freshness is a continuation of a search for connections between the form and material and the little distortions in perceiving reality and mental conditions. Using evaporating substances and crystals the author tries to unveil the inner contradiction of desires and beliefs, underlining impulses, thoughts and imaginations that are recurring.

Krystian Truth Czaplicki born in Wrocław in 1984. Studied at Design Department of Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław. He is one of the most interesting artists of young generation realising sculpture and installation. Czaplicki’s art practice focuses on objects, their meanings, the way we approach them, both physically and emotionally. From the beginning of his artistic career, he has tried to transform familiar forms, blurring the boundaries between realism and abstraction, site-specific interventions and personal sculpture, comicality and seriousness, laconicism and ambiguity. Truth has taken part in many exhibitions and art projects at home and abroad, collaborated with Bergen Kunsthall in Norway, Vasarely Museum in Budapest, Zachęta National Gallery of Art, Museum of Modern Art in Łodź, Center for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, Królikarnia in Warsaw and Dum Umeni Mesta Brna in the Czech Republic. His works have been featured in the streets of London, Manchester, Bordeaux, Roma, Moscow and New Delhi.