Krystian Batyjewski


Krystian Batyjewski- multimedia artist, graphic artist, musician. He has graduated from the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts’ Faculty of Graphic Arts with Master’s degree in 2007, and Academy of Film and Television Faculty of Cinematography with bachelor’s degree in 2014.

The creator of experimental music, focused on researching and searching for a new sound using analog and digital tone generators, electronic conversion devices, building new sounds.

The artist uses an improvised language, applying often sounds from the environment, repeatedly coming into resonance with the natural environment, co-creates an experimental duo with multimedia artist and vocalist Paulina Penc.

Krystian points out, that in the creative process of building a musical work, he is far from imposing any framework, and does not rely on the traditional way of constructing a piece.

He exhibits sound and multimedia installations in gallery spaces, performs live also.

The author of video arts, often rich in subversive content, devoid of unnecessary weightiness, shown in a pop-banal way.

Krystian moves in aesthetics of glitch, drone, noise, uncountable rhythms, unbridled sound and vision, which is always the result of his specific sensibility and which cause that his works are permanently maintained in our memory.

The artist also creates multimedia scenographies for cultural events, among others for the National Center for Culture in Warsaw.