Katya Libkind

“I change under my own gaze or rather stop, I become someone, I become definite. I looked at myself and stopped where I am a performance hero.
The hero holds my hand so that I do not run away.
The hero knows how to be present.”

Katya Libkind is an artist based in Kyiv, Ukraine. Her artistic practice engages a variety of media, including painting, video, installation, performance, and stage art. Katya is a co-founder of “Atelier Normale” (“a project by artists with or without Down syndrome”) and a member of “Montage” art-group.  As Ukho’s (musical agency) head-artist she staged the operas of Gervasoni, Cella, Sciarrino for the National Opera of Ukraine. Her objects and videos often build upon a process of very careful observation of herself and her closest surrounding. In many cases they either document a performative action or contain a potential for interaction with a viewer in them. Building on processualism, borderline candidness, and an intuitive, direct emotional experience of reality Katya’s work touches on the issues of personal boundaries, conditionality of perception, the very idea of norm or beauty.