( * 1982 Munich, Germany) studied Fine Arts and Performance Art in Munich, Valencia and Brunswick. Since then she lives in Cologne, Germany as a freelance artist. Her interventions displace our every-day-life and cultural rituals. In the city rush she invites you to lay together with her in the hammock, stretched between a road sign and a street lamp, or she let herself being given away at the commercial Christmas market, to warm up your hands or to visit your parents.

She creates space to connect at places of scission. Lately she iterated the PerformanceAtHomeFestival in Cologne, Germany and Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Together with Julia Dick she works as the artist duo katze und krieg since 2007. katze und krieg intervene internationally, for example in the mark of Stromereien in Switzerland, the Jacuzzi Festival in Vienna, Austria, the Streetcatfestival in Bat Yam Israel, Copula Spajalica in Rijeka Croatia, the casa do rio, Amazonas in Brasil and at Hotel Maria Kapel, Hoorn in the Neatherlands.


Performance: lie down with me

“I am lying down on the blanket. The floor is grounding me, holding my weight. I leave the vertical and arrive in the horizontal position. My way of feeling and thinking changes. The whole nerve system powers down and relaxes. I feel me more vulnerable and fragile. If “danger” arrives, I cannot easily run away. I unveil myself to the public. I get another perspective of the environment. I am lying down where people are stepping. Now I look at them from below. From there I observe the world.

Sooner or later a stranger will follow my invitation and lay down with me to share this experience. Lying next to each other, we connect – our bodies touching or not touching, talking or not talking, together observing the urban city life, or closing the eyes. Perhaps even more people join the blanket.”

July 24th – Monday

13:00 Performance: lie down with me
Kieślowski square
(all-day performance)