Karolina Kubik


Karolina Kubik (b. in 1984) visual-performance artist based in Warsaw.

She works in between, on the edge of definitions: performs, writes poems, builds installactions. Recognises the constant variable of subjectivity between the viewer and performer.

She is much into embarrassing situation which verifies attractiveness of rules by becoming more demanding and destroys audience’s life experience.

She has participated in several group exhibitions and festivals. In 2008 received the Erasmus scholarship to study at Dartington College of Arts, UK and in 2009 the CEEPUS scholarship to Akademija Likovnih Umjetnosti, Zagreb, Croatia.

Since 2010 until now co-runs the Studio of Spatial Activities with Miroslaw Balka (2010/11 Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan, 2011/12 Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw)

Selected individual actions:

2012 XIV International Art Festival Interakcje 2012 – Off, Galeria Oda, Piotrków Trybunalski, PL

2012 Rewolta/Rebelia, ]performance space[. Londyn, UK

2010 4th Polish – Ukrainian Plein Air Of Young Artists, Crimea, Black Sea Coast, The Pontic-Caspian Steppe. Ukraine

2010 IV Performance Art Festival, Centre Of Contemporary Art Znaki Czasu. Torun´, PL

2007 PORT Performance, Kunstfabrik. Berlin

Selected group projects:

2012 Face&Face/Face-it, Buffet. Gdańsk Shipyard, PL

2012 Aaakupunktura, Galeria Kordegarda. Warszawa, PL

2012 1st Cieszyn Venice Biennale. Cieszyn, PL

2011 Spokojnie to tylko Awaria, Galeria Spokojna. Warszawa, PL

2010 2nd Art & Documentation Festival, Exhibition Art-Object-Registration, Fokus Lodz Biennale Club, Łodz, PL

2008 “Art must be beautiful…”, Stary Browar. Poznan´, PL

07.2012 IPA Summer 2012 – International Performance Art, Stambuł. Turkey

08.2012 II Sokolovsko Festival of Ephemeral Art, PL

08.2012 Artist’s Residency, Performance Space. London, UK

09.2012 The Week Of Contemporary Art/The Days of Performance Art. Lviv, Ukraina

09.2012 Theater w Oknie, Gdan´sk, PL