Józef Robakowski


Józef Robakowski

Born in 1939 in Poznań. Realises films, photographic series, video tapes, installations, drawings, objects, conceptual projects, initiates multimedia actions, editor, art theoretician and critic. Graduated from Torun University (Department of Fine Arts, art history and museum studies), Film, Television and Theatre State School in Łódź (Camera Department). Lecturer and head of Photography and Visual Advertising at Lodz Film School (1970-81). Co-founder of avant-garde groups “Zero-61” in Toruń (1961-69), “Oko”, STKF “Pętla”, “Krąg”. Co-founder of Film Form Workshop (1970) and Television Creative Group Station “Ł” in Łódź (1992-1992).. From 1971 Robakowski has run his private gallery – Exchange Gallery – collecting films, videotapes, documentation. It is a contact office for the international artistic movement INFERMENTAL.

Film Screening: 5 artistic actions of the Maniakalna Gallery in Lodz, 1989

There were 5 group actions organized in by young people in 5 Piotrkowska Str through the Maniakalna Gallery. Andrzej Miastkowski and Krzysztof Skiba, then unknown young artists, were the most active participants. They prepared those public events in a perfectionist way together with a big group of supporters. They took over the whole street, the main street of Lodz. City authorities and Militia (Police) did not interfere. What is also significant, there are no professional cameras, only my video camera. In part 3 I was joined by wonderful Polish documentary filmmaker Maciej Drygas. The energy there was incredible. Young people criticised the left as well as right wing politics. They make fun mercilessly of General Jaruzelski, but also Lech Walesa. Visual side and props scrupulously prepared by the organizers were intriguing. Present day demonstrations lack this sophisticated sarcasm and freedom of thinking. The film is a fascinating sociological record which shows how young people ridicule the falling socialist regime. The strength of documentation results from it being incredibly truthful.

July 23rd – Sunday
Screening: 5 artistic actions of the Maniakalna Gallery in Lodz, 1989
(introduced by Józef Robakowski)
Zdrowie Cinema – theater hall