Jasmin Schaitl


Jasmin Schaitl

(1987, AT) is an artist and performer with a visual arts background, graduated in 2012 from the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. Her work mainly includes performance (solo and collaborations), as well as video, photography, installation, and drawing; and focuses, primarily, on time, both actual and perceived, and the presence or absence of the body.

In 2015 she started also implementing, focusing and working with choreography and contemporary dance from a conceptual perspective, mostly collaborating with dancers, sound and visual artists.

She has performed, exhibited, led workshops, and organized in Europe, the USA, Central and South America.

Performance: Connected Balance

Jasmin Schaitl will work with the juxtapose of lightness and heaviness. By using and balancing the material stone, and its obvious characteristics of stiffness and heaviness; and thread, with its lightness and softness, on top of the stone, the performance opens up the underestimated impact of the minor, the detail, the fragile, the hidden, towards the apparent and dominant.

The influence, the connectedness, and the relativity of these two are based on a constant movement to reach equilibrium; which we deal with, and which surrounds us, day by day.


July 21st – Friday

17:00 Performance: Connected Balance
Brehmer Sanatorium (corner)