Jagoda Kozon

Jagoda Kozon
Jagoda Kozon

Jagoda Kozon – born in Wrocław,1994 . She is a student of Art Mediation at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław. She is fascinated by thinking as an essential prerequisite of acting. She perceives performance as observing thoughts as minute decisions.

2014 – workshop The Toolbox, WRO Center Wrocław
2015 – exhibition The Trap, Academy of Fine Arts, Wrocław
2016 – open air workshop, Srebrna Góra, Academy of Fine Arts, Wrocław
2016 – action 77, Interakcje Festival, Piotrków Trybunalski
2016 – exhibition Staging, Polish Photographers’ Association, Wrocław
2017 – Exhibition as a Source of Suffering, Academy of Fine Arts, Wrocław

Performance: Penetration

This work refers to the sense of time and diffusion of various contents in human consciosness over centuries and in various territories. I engage force, a causative power and direct contact with the materials to create a spatial illustration to what it seems to be stating about man and modern world: “That’s the way”.

July 23rd – Sunday

19:15 Performance: Penetration
Kieślowski square