Inês Amado

Ines Amado

Inês Amado

Born in Leiria, Portugal. Her work spans several media: sculpture, video, site-specific installation, and performance with a particular interest in interdisciplinary, collaboration and participatory projects through a process of dialogue, interaction and exchange. Her practice as an artist also involves curating. BreadMatters is a research program composed of exhibition and debate that questions and focuses on socio-cultural, political, historical and geographical issues around bread and the importance of bread in the history of humankind and which, brings together artists, art historians, writers, musicians, art critics and the public.

Her main area of research focuses the relationship between doing, empowering, thinking and divulging art; her approach is reflected and interconnected through exhibiting, teaching and curating.

Her most recent work focuses on the exile, displacement, temporality, change and transformation, including the investigation of spaces of transit and of transition invoked by memory and storytelling that reveal cross cultural semiotic aspects as well as historical legacies.

Performance: Ephemeral Permanence / Bread Matters project

Ephemeral Presence is an homage to Andrzej Mroczek, who truly believed in Amado’s work; in its cultural grounding, socio political, ethical and aesthetical value, thus invited her to take the first BreadMatters to Lublin as a collaboration between NN Theatre and BWA Galleries.

It is a performative collaboration, by integrating my extensive research on bread, together with inviting and involving the local community to collaborate and participate with me, making this work a justly inclusive, participatory and partaking event.

July 23rd – Sunday

12:00 Performance: Ephemeral Permanence / Bread Matters project
Zdrowie Cinema – theater hall