Hubert Zemler


Hubert Zemler (b. 1980 in Warsaw) musician, percussionist.
Percussionist, bronze medalist at the Delphic Games in South Korea in 2009. Member of several independent bands originated in Warsaw. Over the years he has experimented with different music genres: improvisational music (Horny Trees, SzaZaZe, Kapacitron, Piętnastka), contemporary music (Arturas Bumsteinas, Zdzisław Piernik, Tadeusz Wielecki), world music (Ritmodelia, Calle Sol) and ambitious pop (The Saint Box, Incarnations, Frozen Bird, Babadag, Neurasja, Natu). Determined to pursue his own way, he created his own, original sound backed by unique sensitivity, ingenuity and exceptional technique.
His solo project consists in synthesis of musical search. The publishing house Lado ABC released the album “Moped” with one of his concerts.