Entropia Gallery


Entropia Gallery

Cultural Institution of City Wroclaw. It was established in 1988 on the initiative of Alicja and Mariusz Jodko. Entropia is a place of different creative activities and projects. It presents contemporary art, organises exhibitions, film presentations, concerts, meetings, educational events, workshops, performances and new media art presentations.

Another Place in This Place / Place Outside Place: Art’n’Scroll – Art in Motion

Another Place in This Place / Place Outside Place
„Art’n’Scroll” – art in motion
The Entropia Gallery external project
Wrocław city space, European Capital of Culture
December 2016

Mira Boczniowicz, Bożena Grzyb-Jarodzka, Barbara Kozłowska, Bogusław Michnik, Beata Rojek, Urszula Wilk

Alicja Jodko, Mariusz Jodko


Art’n’Scroll project employs regular city scrolls for specific para cinematographic screenings and animation of artworks. Their way of operating was radically altered – the printed ribbon was moving continuously and contained only one selected work. In case of some works we managed to achieve the illusion of movement, somewhere else a spectacular stream of text or painting.
The neturalisation of a referential function of these devices was equally essential. This time they did not advertise anything, becoming simply art objects, visual reality, element of city architecture.


July 23rd – Sunday
13:30 Another Place in This Place / Place Outside Place: Art’n’Scroll – Art in Motion
Zdrowie Cinema – theater hall