Franzisca Siegrist

Franzisca Siegrist
Franzisca Siegrist

Franzisca Siegrist

Franzisca Siegrist was born in Switzerland, raised in Spain, based in Norway. Graduated from the University of La Laguna and the Polytechnic University in Valencia. She works with objects, installations and performance art. She is interested in the possibilities of her body and observes its relationship with time and space. The range of topics she deals with vary, however there is always a connection to her everyday life and how she experiences society. As a result, her works often bridge absurdity and poetry. She has shown her work in Europe, Asia and USA. She is also co-founder and chair of the artist run initiative PAO – Performance Art Oslo.

Performance: Route of Roots

Roots flying, roots grounding
Roots in spaces – sometimes up, sometimes down
Routes created from place to place
Different spaces – trying to fit
Fitting from space to space – from box to box
Routes creating roots
Roots creating routes
Route of Roots


July 22nd – Saturday
12:15 Performance: Route of Roots
Multimedia Hall