Experimental Film Studio 1

Experimental Film Studio 1
Prof Izabella Gustowska
New Media Department
University of Arts, Poznań


Mateusz Bratkowski, Ziemowit Dąbrowski, Amanda Dróżdż, Barbara Gryczan, Dominika Hoyle, Ewa Jastrząb, Agata Kneć, Wiktor Krajcer, Lena Lubińska, Anna Niestatek, Kaja Róg, Katarzyna Suberlak, Martyna Tokarska, Weronika Witkowska.

Editing: Izabela Sitarska

Sokołowsko is a crazy and devastated place, the Silesian Davos as described in Tomasz Mann’s Magic Mountain. We spent four days in January 2020 there, free and happy, unaware of what awaited us soon. We were convinced that we would come back here in summer. But we didn’t end up in Sokołowsko or on Kilimanjaro, but in a lockdown. Just like 27-year-old Xavier de Maistre described in his Voyage autor de ma chambre (1790) our travel got confined to our rooms.

Hence the notes from our travels, offline and online, presented in a cinematographic vision of playfullness and lockdown return to Sokołowsko. During hot July nights, artists and observers will stare at the screens of monitors and laptops. When they look at the blackness outside their windows they may see the unreachable circle of the moon.


The film was initiated by Magdalena Żołędź, PhD student and is a working part of the lecture ONe Project (@one.project.london).

Mateusz Bratkowski, Ziemowit Dąbrowski, Mieszko Dobek, Izabella Gustowska, Dominika Hoyle, Ewa Jastrząb, Agata Kneć, Wiktor Krajcer, Alicja Natasza Nowicka, Izabela Sitarska, Magdalena Żołędź

Editing: Mieszko Dobek

Sound: Agata Kneć

A discreet set – a subset of topological space of which every point has such an open environment that each point of a set is its isolation point.