Eva Maria Schaller


Eva Maria Schaller
1980 – born in Graz, Austria

2001-2002 – Academy of Photography, Graz

2002-2006 – diploma in MultiMediaArts studies at the University of Applied Sciences, Salzburg

2004-2005 – Erasmus at FAMU, Prague

2007-2011- postgraduate student at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne

Since 2011 working as Performance-, and Video/Filmartist in Germany and Austria

Founder-MEMBER (with Boris Nieslony and others) of Performance Art Network PAErsche. Participation in several exhibitions and festivals in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Thailand or Burma and others.

“For me Performance Art means communication and collective work: the communication with body, space and coincidence. The fail as constant companion. My artistic work oscillates between different genres. In my performances, films, interventions and installations. I deal with social environment and liminal spaces. I interact with social architecture, use my own gestures to investigate. My own borders are stressed all the time and adapted to trigger experienced transformation-processes.”