Dominika Borkowska

Dominika Borkowska fot.Dariusz Kolek
Dominika Borkowska fot.Dariusz Kolek


DOMINIKA KATARZYNA BORKOWSKA born in 1988 in Bydgoszcz, Poland. She started practicing Teakwondo (TWF, 2cup) at the age of 7 and finished her Taekwondo career in 2007 with a 4th place at the Polish Junior Championship. She studied Philisophy and graduated from the Faculty of Stage Choreography in Kraków. For a few years she was actively involved in theatre as a director and playwright. Currently she studies Art Mediations at the Academy of Fine Art in Wrocław. In her artistic work she seeks to incoporate various fields of art and search for areas where art rarely happens or appears. Dominika Borkowska creates her body language through motion and colour, and objects of distinctive texture. She concentrates on the process and development and focuses the concepts of intimacy, relationships, contact, energy, rythm, space. Lis Fin is her artistic pseudonym.



From the position of entering the world I’m doomed for “E”.

Inside me I gladly receive every “I”.

Driven by my own need, I want to exceed the limits.

In order to create, does one have to exceed something/someone/oneself?

Limits – continuous lines

Limits – broken lines

Limits – points to reach

Limits – mine and yours

Limits – ours

Limits – step on the line. Stop. And be there.

Limits – there are some and then we find new ones

Limits – wash out within them




fot. Tomek Ogrodowczyk