Dobrawa Borkała

The body’s acclimatising response to a decrease in the oxygen content in the air is an increase in the number of breaths per minute. The number of oxygen molecules taken with each breath decreases. The depth of breathing increases. In order to sufficiently oxygenate the body, the speed of breathing must increase, even during rest. This additional ventilation increases the oxygen content of the blood. An audible experience is an invitation to observe the breathing body in motion and at rest. It directs attention to the outside and then to the inside.
Execution: Dobrawa Borkała

Sound realization: Marcin Świderski

Dobrawa Borkała (born 1990) visual and respiratory artist and psychologist, EMDR therapist, Buteyko breathing method instructor. Graduate of ENSBA in Paris and SWPS in Warsaw.

She studies the physical and mythical role of air and breath and the affective atmosphere they produce.  Creates the Breathing Alphabet, consisting of several dozen characters distinguishing variants of human breath.

Develops the Breath Synchrony project in the space of performance, visual arts, therapeutic and symbolic recording – combining the theme of bodily, social, ecological and environmental experiences.  In 2018 she initiated the Experimental Breathing Choir (EChO) in Warsaw.