Christian Blandhoel

Christian Blandhoel (Norway)

bio: bachelor in fine art from the Art Academy in Oslo, 2006. Works with painting, drawing, sculptures, teddybears, guitars and sound. He is a mixed-media artist, instrument builder, modifier and developer, performer and musician. He has two important components in his art. The introvert and extrovert. The shy inner teddybear that expresses him self emotionally, visually and with a impulsive hope of finding some reflective resonance. The extrovert part is working with interactive projects such as My First Record Label. Here he works for a democratic process that includes the audience and makes this the function of the art.

sound performance: IJIN 

The Performance is performed under the name IJIN, using a custom built instrument called a feedbacker, built especially for the occasion. IJIN is a project started in 2010 in Oslo as a recording and performance project creating  noise or post-noise music, a soundtrack to accompany mundane experiences from a western perspective but with willful alienation, it is in the nature and the meta comment of noise music to counter pop-cultural cultivated expectations and to expand or challenge comfort zones.

Christian Blandhoel, Konteksty 2018 fot. Gabriela Benkol Gamrowska