Chris Regn




Christine Regn, Helga Broll 4.10.1964 born in Nürnberg, lives and works in different constellations in Hamburg and Basel

Chris Regn works as a conceptual artist with research, shows and videos, with the potential of tradition and forms of representation. She draws on her work at a large archive «bildwechsel – an umbrella organisation for women / media / culture» in Hamburg, as curator with the Kaskadenkondensator in Basel and with various performance and artist groups such as Evi, Nic & C, Tischgespräche and the «Art+Feminism» – Wikipedia editing group «who writes his_tory». With the performance group «Evi, Nic & C» and «Les Reines Prochaines» she created stage programs in a collective process such as «Cabaret», «Dragking Trekking Show«, «The Vegan Opera» and others.

Since 2017 she works with «bildwechsel Basel» and the manifesto «die digitale See» (the digital sea, a collaboration with Muda Mathis and Andrea Saemann) on a responsible publication of collections and their accessability.